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“God helping me, I will do my best today” (St. Robert Bellarmine, 1542-1621) 

St. Robert Bellarmine and Thomas Jefferson both believed that dignity and equality are inherent in all humanity. At Bellarmine-Jefferson High School we strive to create a learning environment that is consistent with these beliefs. We collaborate with parents, the primary educators, to support our students on their journeys toward fulfilling their spiritual and academic potential.

Bellarmine-Jefferson is a co-educational, four-year, archdiocesan, Catholic secondary school serving a diverse student population from the San Fernando Valley and surrounding area. Through the integration of Gospel values and emphasis on each person, the faculty, staff, and students work to create a just and caring community that enriches the learning process for all.

Bellarmine-Jefferson High School provides a balanced college preparatory program which focuses on the needs of the individual student, while addressing the development of the total person. The curricular and co-curricular programs prepare students for an active role in a culturally diverse society.

We challenge all members of the school community to be aware of the needs of those less fortunate and to foster the gospel values of peace and justice. Nourished and guided by the beliefs of Bellarmine and Jefferson, we work to cultivate a love of God, love of neighbor, and love of country. We strive to develop individuals who possess a commitment to faith, life-long learning, integrity, and responsible citizenship.

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